SFF Interview Index

SC Flynn did over 100 interviews last year with some of my favorite SFF bloggers and all around cool people! I was lucky enough to be included! Go check it out!

S.C. Flynn

The 200th post on this blog is an early piece of new year’s resolution-satisfaction. I promised myself that in 2016 I would finally compile and publish a complete index of my series of interviews with SFF bloggers and other genre people that concluded six months ago.

At last, links to all 102 of them are set out below; please scroll and click to your heart’s content.

Looking over the list again, it is striking that some of these people have already ceased the activity I interviewed them about just last year. Some are casualties of blog burnout, or of real-life catchup, but some want to focus on their own fiction writing. Others have joined the teams on big, established sites.

On the other side, a positive aspect is that some of the new faces I chose to interview have built on the promise that I saw and are well on the way to filling in…

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