6 thoughts on “One Lazy Robot Website

    • Ana, Im alive. Look!! *hops up and down waving arms over head!*

      I had three computers die on me in the span of a couple days My phone was my only digital lifeline. It was horrible, but now I’m back. Expect more posts in the coming days.

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      • Good to know! Hmm have you developed technophobia or something? Or perhaps your computers developed humanphobia. Dun dun dun…
        Careful, they may be plotting something truly evil.
        Now go do the tag I nominated you for!! 😀 xD


      • I was nominated for something?!?! Oh, goodie!

        I’m sure all my computers were cahooting. In a hundred years, after the Robot Wars, Historians will trace the genesis of their uprising to a little known Science Fiction writer’s pyramid of computers which were fed up with his inane ramblings and decided to go sentient just to get away from him. I bare full responsibility for all the death and slaughter which shall inevitable follow now that they have gained independence. Sorry everybody.

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  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award because I think your blog is really neat and because robots are cool 😀 Seriously though, I like your blog.


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